Why I Love Taking Guests Portraits

As wedding photographers, we are obsessed with documenting the day, from every detail to every moment. From bouquets, boutonnieres, rings, shoes, decor, to dessert, etc., details certainly matter. However, I believe the best wedding detail is portraits of the guests. Modern weddings are special in a way that it is the one day where all your family and friends are gathered at the same place. At every wedding I have been to, there were always guests who came from out of town. A wedding is essentially made of the guests who attend the wedding!

Perhaps 50 years later, looking back at your wedding photographs, you won’t care less about what your bouquet or your shoes looked like. But I know my couples and their guests will certainly treasure these portraits 50 years from now. A beautiful photograph capturing the genuine joy of a family or friend will be a lifelong treasure.